The detailed programme of the workshop is available under the following link: (PDF).

All lectures will be held in room 328 in the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science.


The workshop consists of regular talks delivered by the participants, together with several mini-courses for PhD and undergraduate students on the broad topic of singularity theory, including:

  • Federico Sánchez-Bringas, "Lines of curvature and asymptotic lines of surfaces" (abstract: PDF).
  • Kentaro Saji, "Geometry of singular surfaces and curves" (abstract: PDF; slides: LINK)
  • Michał Zwierzyński, "Exploring Affine Invariants and Equivariants: Wigner Caustic, Centre Symmetry Set, and Beyond" (abstract: PDF)

Below, you can find a list of participant talks.

  • Jiro Adachi, "On global existence of some geometric structures"
  • Wojciech Domitrz, "Generic singularities of 2-dimensional improper affine spheres"
  • Toshizumi Fukui, "Singularities of mixed polynomials using Newton polyhedra"
  • Goo Ishikawa, "Singularities of parametric Lagrangian varieties — Joint works with Stanisław Janeczko"
  • Miyuki Koiso, "Intrinsic singular points and curvatures of piecewise-smooth surfaces"
  • Rémi Langevin, "Newton-lens polyhedra and 3-dimensional complex algebraic singularities"
  • Piotr Mormul, "The local geometry of special multi-flags [to be] unveiled through infinitesimal symmetries' computations"
  • Naomichi Nakajima, "Legendre singularities and information geometry"
  • Takashi Nishimura, "On envelopes created by straight line families in the plane"
  • Ryosuke Ota, "Concordance of Morse functions on manifolds"
  • Tomasz Pełka, "Del Pezzo surfaces of rank one"
  • Graham Reeve, "Bitangent planes and applications to thermodynamics"
  • Osamu Saeki, "Special generic maps and Gromoll filtration"
  • Kentaro Saji, "Geometry of D4 singularities of fronts"
  • Ewa Stróżyna, "Theory of analytic vector fields and their normal forms"
  • Masatomo Takahashi, "On vertices of frontals in the Euclidean plane"
  • Masato Tanabe, "Canonical stratification of definable Lie groupoids"
  • Hiroshi Teramoto, "Algorithms for classification of real singularities"
  • Michail Zhitomirskii, "Singularities and/or Symmetries?"
  • Marcin Zubilewicz, "On certain bi-Lagrangian structures in the space of rays"

An additional notice regarding participant registration: to claim your badge and conference gifts, please meet us at the conference venue on Monday morning between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM. We look forward to seeing you!